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Traditional garages are now home to some of the industry’s most innovative equipment and our workshop in Harlow is no exception. The team at RJS Motors specialises in the field of engine management, a process where we monitor the electrical subsystem to analyse faults. This service, most often advertised as engine diagnostics, gives our technicians a valuable insight into what might be wrong with your car, and the best approach to fixing it.

Modern cars have an engine control unit, which is the hub of engine management. If your car displays a warning light on the dashboard, it indicates a subsystem fault.

The technicians at our garage in Harlow plug advanced code reading equipment into the engine control unit (ECU) to retrieve stored fault codes. Sensors fitted to the vehicle relay real-time information back to the ECU, which creates a fault code to illuminate the dashboard. There are hundreds of fault codes attributable to a range of common issues.

The only way to read these codes is to book in for an engine diagnostic test.

The Purpose of Engine Management

When an engine management light appears on the dashboard, it’s impossible to know what the fault is because the engine has, quite literally, hundreds of different parts. Our industry-approved equipment provides our technical team with an explanation of the issue. Because the average car has several different systems, an engine diagnostics test checks for faults in the tyres, the electrical system, the lights, the comfort controls and even the engine itself.

We receive live data displays from our equipment to see exactly what’s wrong.

Engine management equipment also has a role to play after we complete scheduled annual maintenance by resetting the service light. RJS Motors even uses diagnostic testing to adjust the braking system (on cars fitted with electronic handbrakes) and the headlamp levels.

If your car dashboard displays an engine warning light and you would like to book in for an engine management inspection, call us on our usual number or pop in to see us personally.

We’ll identify the cause behind the issue and recommend a suitable repair service. We welcome enquiries from motorists in the Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex areas.

Call RJS Motors on 01279 444423 and book in for engine diagnostics at one of the most reputable garages in Harlow.

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