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There are two main reasons why you might need to visit a garage for tyre repair or replacement. The most common is a lack of tread depth. The UK legal minimum sits at 1.6mm, and driving on any less puts you at risk of repercussions such as fines or points on your licence. However, we recommend Harlow motorists consider replacing their tyres before it gets to this point, as tread depth has a big impact on stopping distance – especially in treacherous conditions, or when you have to stop in a hurry. Along with your brakes, they’re your first line of defence.

Another common reason for requiring tyre repair or replacement is structural damage. It might be a puncture picked up somewhere along a journey, that you’ve run into a curb at a nasty angle, or have been in a more serious vehicle-on-vehicle accident. All these situations might be solvable via tyre repair at our Harlow garage. But if damage is extensive enough that it can’t be safely repaired, you’ll likely need to replace them.

These aren’t the only reasons you might need a change of tyres, however. Very old tyres, and tyres exhibiting irregular wear (often due to poor wheel alignment), may also need to be replaced to ensure you’re kept safe on the road. A final, though in the UK very rare reason for swapping tyres, is a change of use. It might be you’ve moved somewhere rural and removed, and fancy tyres better up to the challenge of regular off roading. Or perhaps it’s an icy winter and you wish to swap to tyres that can best handle these conditions.

Whatever the reason for needing new tyres, RJS Motors in Harlow has you covered. We have a comprehensive range of both budget and premium branded tyres to suit all needs and budgets.

Exhaust Repair & Replacement in Harlow

Your exhaust system has important roles to play in the smooth functioning of your vehicle. It has to direct hazardous fumes out of your vehicle, reduce emissions and the toxicity of said fumes, optimise fuel efficiency and keep your engine nice and quiet. Issues with your exhaust can lead to problems in all these categories, so it pays to keep on top of exhaust maintenance by visiting RJS Motors in Harlow should you notice any signs of trouble.

But what signs should you be on the lookout for?

  • Rust – The close proximity of an exhaust to wet ground makes this a very run of the mill issue. A rusty exhaust or silencer can weaken the system and lead to cracks and holes, and for this reason any part that’s rusted will need to be replaced before the damage spreads and worsens. As well as regular visual checks, keep an ear out for a louder exhaust system, or hissing and roaring – all can indicate a rusted exhaust.
  • Loose Parts – General knocks and bumps from potholes, unseen speed bumps and other such everyday hazards can eventually loosen exhaust components. Amending this at a garage like RJS Motors in Harlow is usually quick and affordable, but don’t sleep on visiting for diagnostics – especially if you notice a rattling sound. It’s best to act quickly, before an internal or external part of your exhaust system totally detaches itself, possibly leading to the need for replacement.
  • Blockage – Debris and detritus working its way into your exhaust can lead to blockages, as can a build-up of soot and carbon in your catalytic converter, which should cleanse itself automatically but in some cases can fail to do so. A chugging sound, sluggish response, increased fuel usage and expenditure, change in performance or sulphuric smell can all indicate a blockage. Don’t put off visiting a garage if you notice these symptoms, as a blockage can be potentially dangerous and lead to fumes entering the vehicle’s interior.

Visit RJS Motors in Harlow for diagnostics, repair and replacement of tyres and exhausts – two vital parts of any working vehicle. To book in, call 01279 444423 or 01279 451735.

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