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At RJS Motors, we know how frustrating it feels to be using a vehicle on a warm summer’s day and to turn on the car air conditioning, only to find the system isn’t providing the cool ambient air you need for a more pleasant and comfortable driving experience. Our workshop in Harlow can re-gas your car air conditioning using state-of-the-art equipment or, should you need us to, we can provide a full maintenance and repair service.

Based on how often you use your car air conditioning, you will require a re-gas once every two years. We’ve set up our services for Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex motorists to have the environmentally-friendly R1234YF and R134 refrigerant used on their vehicles. Through the regular use of car air conditioning, the system naturally loses a minimum 10% of its gas each year. This affects the performance of the unit and the quality of cool air when driving.

Because full and interim car servicing doesn’t include the air conditioning system on the checklist, vehicle owners need to book in for a re-gas as a separate service.

The Importance of Regular Car Air Conditioning Servicing

Did you know that the continuous circulation of air and gas leaves potentially harmful allergens and pathogens in the car air conditioning system? This is an obvious cause of concern for motorists in Harlow and the surrounding areas. These spores can induce headaches and feelings of nausea. A contaminated system is even worse for asthma sufferers, and could promote sustained attacks without regular cleaning and servicing.

Our Harlow workshop specialises in car air conditioning servicing, maintenance and repair work. During a service, we remove gas and lubricant from your vehicle and store it in our innovative equipment. We then create a vacuum to cleanse the entire system and to remove any contaminated gas or lubricant remaining. After checking that there are no leaks present, we refill the car air conditioning system with the stored material and top it up.

Knowing how much refrigerant to add is easy because our company has a full vehicle database with manufacturer recommendations on the required levels.

Call RJS Motors of Harlow on (01279) 444423 if you have any questions on car air conditioning servicing or any of our supporting garage services.

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