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The key to a happy driving experience is reliability but, no matter how well you care for your car, some components will eventually wear and fail. RJS Motors is the place to come for car repairs. Located in Harlow, we offer a modern range of repair services to motorists in the surrounding Hertfordshire and Essex areas. With the backing of a strong local supplier network, we source the parts you need quickly to ensure the fastest turnaround times.

Our Harlow workshop has a skilled technical team with the training required to handle advanced engine management work, and the traditional knowledge needed to analyse more conventional issues using mechanical troubleshooting practices.

The result is a service that brings car repairs completely up to date with the tooling and systems available to us, and a customer-focused outlook that caters for all.


The most important part of any car is the braking system because this, above anything else, preserves the safety of you and your passengers. Because of constant use, brakes wear sooner than most other mechanical components. Most drivers experience a change in driving characteristics when the brakes wear down or noticeable noises when slowing or stopping. Brake pads with wear indicators send an alert to the dashboard when worn.

Whichever indications alert you to worn brakes, we advise you to book in for car repairs immediately. Motorists from in and around the Harlow area can pop in for an inspection of the braking system and receive a free estimate for the cost of repair or replacement.


The tyres on your car, much like the brakes, play an important role in keeping you safe. Everyday road use, kerb impact and the misalignment of the wheels all result in tyres wearing down. We strongly recommend that you check the integrity of your tyres weekly. The dotted line of a 20p piece is a good indicator of tyre wear when placed in the tread. If part of the tread exposes the dotted line, call in to see us for a prompt replacement.

Our garage in Harlow stocks branded and budget tyres to suit your pocket.

Because we specialise in car repairs, we can also check the tracking to see if misaligned steering components might be causing wear. Our workshop has a modern four-wheel alignment system which uses a laser to check manufacturer specifications for your car.


Damage to the gearbox and the transmission system result in costly car repairs so, should you experience difficulty changing gear, a spongy feeling when pressing down on the clutch pedal, poor acceleration when revving or a squeaking or a grumbling noise, it makes sense to come in and see us as soon as possible. Our Harlow-based company specialises in clutch replacements, and uses OEM components which come with reassuring warranties.

Attending to car repairs at the earliest opportunity, particularly on clutches, eliminates the need for expensive engine and gearbox rebuilds. We can still attend to engine and gearbox work, but it’s always better for our customers to seek out a prompt replacement.


Your exhaust system is one of the hardest-working features on your car even though it contains no working parts. It consists of a sequence of pipes running from the manifold through to the silencer and the catalytic convertor. Exhausts control noise and direct fumes away from the inside of the car. Excessive noise, poor acceleration, decreased power, lower fuel efficiency and burning smells are symptoms which point to worn or damaged exhausts.

Because car repairs include replacing components from the exhaust system, motorists from the Harlow area can come to RJS Motors to have any ongoing issues rectified.

We supply and fit exhausts for all manufacturer marques, whatever the make or model.

Call RJS Motors on 01279 444423 and book in for car repairs at one of the most reputable garages in Harlow.

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