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RJS Motors is an independent company operating from premises in Harlow. We welcome motorists from all surrounding locations in Hertfordshire and Essex. Car servicing is the cornerstone of our business, and one of the most important garage services for our valued customers. A regular service keeps engines running cleanly and economically. It also keeps oil in optimal condition, which subsequently reduces the potential for component wear.

Many of us visit the doctor each year for a check on our health because we know just how important it is for everything to be working as it should. Car servicing isn’t that different in terms of design. The manufacturer has a service schedule for its vehicles, set at specific intervals, to give them the best possible chance of running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Our garage in Harlow works with you to make sure your car receives its service at the correct time, and advises on which type of car servicing package you’ll need.

Car Servicing and the MOT Test

While each service is intrinsically different, car servicing and MOT testing have a sizeable number of overlaps. A surprising 75% or so of elements covered in a service also come up in the annual MOT inspection but this doesn’t make both services the same. Each one focuses on issues related to safety and roadworthiness, but the work involved differs greatly. Car servicing at our Harlow workshop involves a series of changes including parts replacements.

An MOT test is a physical and visual check but we do not physically replace anything.

Even with a car that still under warranty, we can provide a suitable service that matches those provided by main dealerships in or around the local Harlow area.

There are four different service levels available:

Oil and Filter Change

Changing the oil and the filters is an integral part of all car servicing packages. It preserves the engine, improves reliability and increases fuel efficiency. Like all reputable garages in Harlow and the surrounding areas, we still perform a visual inspection of certain safety elements during a basic oil and filter change, and then advise you on any issues we find.

Please be advised that we do not check the brakes on this most basic of services, and that you should either book in for full car servicing or a brake check if you have any concerns.

Interim Service

Our car servicing packages build in complexity up to the full and manufacturer options. An interim car service from the team at our premises in Harlow includes the basic oil and filter change, but also covers replenishment of all system fluids and a physical check of over 35 components. This helps to keep your car in optimal condition between each full service.

Based on manufacturer guidelines, we usually check the brakes during an interim service. RJS Motors also recommends any repair work you might need based on our visual checks. Fluid checks on an interim service include:

Typically, interim car servicing takes place every 6 months or after each 6,000 miles covered following a full/major service – whichever falls sooner of the two.

Full/Major Service

The full (or major) service matches the two detailed above but with anything up to 30 or more additional checks based on manufacturer schedules. We strongly advise that Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex motorists combine full and interim car servicing to get the best possible performance from their vehicles – always at the most customer-friendly prices.

Book in for a full service annually or after every 12,000 miles of driving, whichever falls first.

Manufacturer Service

While this is our least commonly-used car servicing package, it is our most extensive and our most comprehensive. This is a service that accounts for all serviceable elements on a vehicle using schedules and specifications direct from the manufacturer. While more expensive than a full service, this package gives our Harlow customers the very best in maintenance.

Please contact us on 01279 444423 to book your next service with RJS Motors.

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